Experience and Reputation Says it All

Says owner, Gene Geer..... "From the very beginning, I always surveyed the land as accurately as I knew how even though at that time, land was cheap in Collin County or the many other regions where I surveyed land.  My surveys have been used subsequently for many years by the city, county and land delvelopers, and my boundaries have always fit with theirs.  Accuracy is what counts especially now that land is very expensive per acre in these parts.  When it goes for a $1,000,000.00+ per acre, you can't afford to be off even a fraction of an inch."



What You Might Like to Know About Our Company

Geer Surveying & Engineering of McKinney, Texas was founded in 1968 by Gene Geer with the objective of providing the best surveying and engineering services in and around Collin County.


Our many years of experience in this industry have provided us with many long-term business relationships which we continuously cultivate.  We continue to improve and update ourselves with the latest technology while maintaining personal attention to all our customers.


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