Our Clients

Below, you will find an overview of some of the projects that show you the scope of our work.  We do the big, small, challenging and easy jobs.

El Dorado Motors

Collision Repair Shop Site Plan, engineering, drawings, paving plan, grading plan.  The Used Car Building Site plan, engineering, drawings, paving plan and grading plan.  Chevrolet New Car Building Site Plan, engineering, drawings, paving plan and grading plan.

Stonebridge Ranch

We did the Boundary Line Survey for the Stonebridge Ranch Subdivision

B.B. Owens Trust Land Survey

This was our most challenging survey with the longest natural boundary of any thus far.  The boundary was two miles along the East Fork of the Trinity River with 4700 acres total in the tract.

St. Francisville Louisiana Plantation

This was the most challenging survey, natural boundary or not.  It was a 4600 acre plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, the eastern border of which was along the Mississippi River.  This land was a virtual jungle in the most accurate sense of the word. We had to chop through undergrowth througout the entire tract. 

Princeton, Texas lot

Our customer just wanted to enlarge his lot and so we did a survey of adjacent ground to get him a tract 6 feet wide by 120 feet long.

Grain Elevators and Barge Terminal, Port of New Orleans

Gene Geer's most challenging job was being in charge of the construction of the grain elevators and barge terminal at the Port of New Orleans in the 1950's.  The structure was continuously in use until Hurricane Katrina.