Our Services


Our company offers accurate, high-quality, professional services in both land surveying and civil engineering. 

Land Surveying

Please consult the following list to determine what service you will need.

  1. Subdivision Plats & Boundary Line Surveys
  2. Boundary location question or dispute
  3. building a wall or a fence
  4. Inspector/Contractor requires boundary staking
  5. Moving or changing the property line
  6. City requirement:  Prevailing setback
  7. Staking needed for building construction
  8. Litigation:  expert witness needed
  9. Need an easement?
  10. New Construction on vacant lot
  11. Tree Survey, location, type and size of trees
  12. Replats or Amending Plats of Subdivision Lots

Additional Services

  1. A.L.T.A. Survey
  2. Boundary
  3. Cross Sections
  4. Easement
  5. Expert Witness
  6. As-Built
  7. Monitoring
  8. Prevailing Setback
  9. Property Line Adjustment
  10. Record of Survey
  11. Roof Height Certification
  12. Slope Analysis
  13. Construction Staking
  14. Topography
  15. Elevation Certificate


Civil Engineering Services

Our area of expertise includes Commercial and Residential Land Development, Foundation Design, Structural Design, Site Design, Flood Control and Drainage associated with Residential Homes, Commerical Developments, Roads, Bridges, Levees, Canals and any New Construction or Existing Sites. 



  1. Drainage Studies
  2. Sizing of Culverts
  3. Sizing of Ditches
  4. Design of Detention Ponds
  5. Foundation Plans for Residential and Commercial structures.
  6. Post Tensioned Foundation Plans
  7. Pier & Beam Foundation Plans
  8. Structural Framing Design for Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Roof-commercial or residential
  9. ADA Compliant Handicapped Ramp and parking
  10. Sanitary Sewer Design
  11. Paving and Grading Plans, including design of Parking Lots
  12. Subdivision, one lot or a 'hunnerd or more...
  13. Site Plans
  14. Utility Plans
  15. Erosion Control Plans
  16. Civil Engineering
  17. Structural Engineering